Osteopathy is a natural therapy that deals with problems in muscles, joints, ligaments and all the parts of the body involved in movement and posture.

As a holistic therapy, osteopathy treats the patient as a whole and not just their particular complaints.

Instead of treating symptoms, osteopaths seek to remove the causative factors that disturb the organism's natural ability to heal itself.

What can osteopathy treat?

Back Pain
Frozen Shoulder
Ligaments Sprains
Muscle strains
Muscular Spasms
Neck Pain
Pain caused by Arthritis
Rehabilitation of Previous Injuries
Rehabilitation of Stroke Patients
RSI (Repetitive Strain Injuries)
Shoulder Pains
Slipped Discs
Sports Injuries


Osteopathy is not simply concerned with clicking joints; it also offers a wide range of other safe, gentle and effective techniques, which Rogerio and many other osteopaths prefer.

Osteopathic treatments use safe, gentle and effective techniques, which may include the use of gentle mobilisation of joints in the body, techniques similar to massage, techniques for relaxation and rehabilitation, etc.

One of the techniques employed is called Process Centred Osteopathy.

Process Centred Osteopathy

Is a branch of osteopathy that unites a gentle ‘no clicking’ approach with up-to-date scientific research.

It uses knowledge about the processes of injury in the body, in order to achieve an accurate diagnosis of the patient's complaint.

This knowledge is then applied to support the healing processes, removing all the barriers which might hinder recovery.
Fit for life
In addition to osteopathic manipulation, your osteopath will provide you with advice on exercise, posture and beneficial life style changes.
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