Stroke rehabilitation

Stroke patients can lose important physical abilities such as walking or using their hands and therefore be limited in their daily activities. People can often think that these are permanent limitations in their lives.

Rehabilitation sessions are gentle and fun, as patients are helped and challenged to go beyond their limits, increasing their capabilities step by step. The process is usually long term, but can be very rewarding.
Stroke rehabilitation
Fortunately, the nervous system is very adaptable, and many stroke patients can recover some of their mobility and lost activities.

Process Centred Osteopathy

Process Centred Osteopathy can be very successful in the rehabilitation of stroke patients.

It is a branch of osteopathy that unites a gentle ‘no clicking’ approach with up-to-date scientific research.

It uses knowledge about the processes of injury in the body, in order to achieve an accurate diagnosis of the patient's complaint.

This knowledge is then applied to support the healing processes, removing all the barriers which might hinder recovery.
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